about this project

This blog is a project of two different parts. The Herbal Products and The Shared Library but it is based on the same principles of mutual aid and self-empowerment. Welcome and be part of it!

The Herbal Products

Herbal products are processed in the home environment and are available at events at ABC store or by email order. The project is based on the idea of mutual aid, self-medication and a solidarity apothecary to contribute to our independence from conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

We use the procedures described in the multi-part herbarium of Janča and Zentrich and elsewhere. We strive to collect the best quality plants at the right time of the day and to provide first-class processing with respect to the natural environment (eg we never collect the entire site). We also grow many herbs in our own garden. It is not always possible to manage the collection of a given plant, so some products may not be available.

We continuously test our products on ourselves and our loved ones and we will be happy if you join this group and give us feedback through discussions on this blog or email. We put our own resources into the production (purchase of glass bottles, alcohol, oils, ointments) and donate the proceeds to the activity of ABC (Anarchist black cross), so we will be glad for any financial contributions, which are not a condition.

If you have your own herbal products that you would like to offer or inform about under the same conditions on this blog, or if you’d like to cooperate on any level, please email.

The Shared Library

The Shared Library Project is a challenge to read, write, think and talk about how to care for our physical and mental health. It is also a call for healing that is independent of the power of the pharmaceutical industry, scientific authorities and the market.

We perceive health, social ties and freedom as a whole because they are interconnected. How to understand these links can help us in the various publications we collect. On request we can borrow them free of charge. Write on an email. Some can also be downloaded in PDF version.

We strive for an interactive approach, so you can write reviews, comments, advice, criticism, or share experiences with specific texts during the treatment of your own.

If you have a book, a zine, or anything you want to recommend or share, we can put your trailer on our blog. The library is not concentrated in one place. They are different places and people connected by a common idea. Get involved too.

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